Riding Safaris

Many people dream of riding holidays in Africa. From a horse you join the rhythm of the bush, becoming part of the landscape, with a huge sense of freedom which is exhilarating.

Mobile African horse riding safaris are usually 5 to 10 nights’ duration and are operated as scheduled departures which individuals/couples can book into. Exclusive trips which include riding safaris can be tailored for groups of friends or families.

Alternatively guests can stay in a camp/lodge with optional short riding safaris for a morning or afternoon. You can even exchange your horse for an elephant: Abu Camp in Botswana offers a unique elephant safari.

Africa's Mobile Riding Safaris Guide

Download the Bushbuck Safaris guide to Africa’s Mobile Riding Safaris – including the locations, the rides, the duration, the dates and the prices of the very best riding safaris, together with details of availability.

Why an African riding safari with Bushbuck Safaris?

We know Africa and as a keen horsewoman, riding safaris have always been a favourite.

It is exactly the same price to book an African riding safari through Bushbuck as it would be direct with an operator and with us you benefit from our deep knowledge of the individual operators and guides, giving unbiased recommendations.

With our wealth of knowledge, we can help you with the bigger picture, building a fabulous itinerary around your riding safari, so that you make the most of your time in Africa.

Which countries are best for riding safaris?

  • Botswana
  • Kenya
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • South Africa

How much riding experience is needed?

Safety is paramount and so helping you choose a riding safari which is best suited to your riding ability is a good starting point. There are riding safaris for complete beginners, novice and experienced riders. We match your ability and expectations to a riding safari.

How long are the rides?

It varies depending on the operator, but usually 4-6 hours in the saddle each day. On days when the mobile camp is not moving then afternoons are at leisure.

What will I see?

Lots of close-up wildlife and extraordinary experiences – trotting in amongst zebra, giraffe close by, skirting rhino or galloping across moonlit deserts.

How fit do I have to be?

It helps if you have been riding regularly leading up to your riding safari and also it is kinder to your horse on safari.


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