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Unique is perhaps the most over-used adjective in the safari vocabulary. Often used to describe shared camps, scheduled itineraries and upmarket package holidays, unique is a word whose actual meaning has been worn out through its over-use in glossy brochures and websites.

When we say our safaris are unique, we use the word mindfully and with confidence. That is because no two Bushbuck safaris are ever the same. Our one-off safaris match our clients’ dreams and expectations with the very best that Africa has to offer. By best, however, we don’t mean the most expensive. All our itineraries are personally designed and seamlessly delivered, but at a comparable cost to an off-the-peg trip.

There are no set itineraries, busy camps or over-crowded game reserves. Nor are we in the business of filling lodges. There are no square pegs and round holes here because when we work with a client, we listen very carefully indeed. It’s not always about destinations and wildlife, it’s also about how a safari should feel. Every client, or party of clients, is different, with their own specific set of criteria. We translate these into reality. Yet a safari with Bushbuck will cost no more, and sometimes less, than booking direct.

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The very best people &
places in Africa

Bushbuck Safaris is a small family company, established in 1984 when we started working with the legendary African private guides of the age. Since then, we have been exploring and finding even more of the very best people and places in Africa, regularly discovering new hidden gems. We are continually building and enhancing our personal knowledge of specific countries, wildlife areas, guides, operators, camps, lodges and retreats. This gives us the knowledge and practical experience to design and organise an itinerary which is breathtakingly memorable and truly life enhancing.

Private guided -
the safari with no limits

The ultimate safari experience, private guided safaris offer the freedom to decide how you want to explore, not restricted by the interests or timetables of others. Bushbuck has been working with the leading private guides in Africa since the 1980s and, through our unrivalled network, we are able to match the best guide for each client. There are no set itineraries and, ultimately, no limits.

Ideal for multi-generational families or a party of friends, you will enjoy your own camp or a small owner-operated camp for your exclusive use together with your expert guide and professional support team. Whatever your interests, or appetite for adventure, the private guided safari allows you to dictate the agenda and the pace.

Bushbuck’s reputation is built on trust and the fact that we have our clients’ best interests at heart.

In fact, 75% of our clients come to us by referral and many return year after year. In fact, several clients have taken their 14th/15th safari with Bushbuck. They value our outstanding knowledge and experience, trusting us to deliver an unrivalled and unique safari each time.

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Case Studies

Given that every Bushbuck safari is unique, there is no such thing as an example itinerary. But we can tell you about some of the safaris our clients have taken. The following are genuine case studies which demonstrate the added value Bushbuck brings.

What our clients say

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Where to go

There are literally no limits when it comes to choosing your safari destination or destinations. Bushbuck frequently conducts fact-finding trips to new areas, sometimes at the request of a specific client. To give you inspiration, however, and ideas of where you might like to consider going, here are the countries our clients most regularly visit. The usual stay in any one camp or lodge is 3 -5 days so a combination of destinations and countries is easily managed, with seamless transfers by vehicle or light aircraft.

Ethical values,
supporting conservation

Our safaris deliver more than just an unforgettable experience. Responsible tourism is a driving motivation for Bushbuck and every safari supports ethical operators who contribute towards long-lasting projects which make positive impacts, generate economic benefits for local people and sustain indigenous wildlife. Travelling with Bushbuck ensures the continuation of this valuable work.

Our private guides are all members of the Safari Guides Company (SGC), formed in 1984 by Bushbuck’s co-founder, Mike Shirley-Beavan. An invitation-only organisation, the SGC selects leading independent guides with a proven track record in their field. All have proven strong links to communities and conservation. The vetting process is rigorous and only the top ethical guides are selected.

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