Fostering sustainable tourism

Our safari associates – private guides and camp/lodge operators – foster sustainable tourism, whereby there is minimal impact on the environment. In addition, local communities receive benefit from tourism, which in turn preserves habitats and wildlife.

Your safari plays a hugely important role in supporting responsible sustainable tourism.

Without visitors and the benefits to the communities which tourism brings, the habitat would soon succumb to human expansion, agriculture and poaching and the wildlife would disappear and the real Africa safari experience of today would be a thing of the past.

Bushbuck’s private guides, and the camp/lodge operators we support, employ local staff and are involved with community projects. This includes sponsoring education, supporting or building rural schools, initiating healthcare facilities and educating local communities in conservation. Many also become involved in much-needed wildlife research.

Local communities own land which has been set aside specifically for wildlife-based tourism and bed night fees go into community coffers.

Some camps and lodges are owned by local communities which helps drive conservation in the area even further. Included in nightly rates and your safari price are bed night levies and community fees which directly support the local communities.

By using ethical operators and going on safari to these remote areas you are supporting whole communities and helping to preserve wildlife and habitats for future generations.