What is your dream riding safari in Africa?

Everyone dreams differently but with the right impartial advice you can find the best riding safari in Africa for you

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Everyone dreams differently. For some the dream riding safari in Africa would be galloping with zebra on the plains. Others might prefer to splash through the warm shallow waters of the Okavango Delta or enjoy a magical riding experience with a young family. Thankfully, just about every dream can be realised because there are so many different types and locations of riding safari in Africa. The only issue is working out which is the right one for you.

The first thing to consider is your level of riding ability and, if you are travelling with friends or family, consider theirs too. It is important to be absolutely honest because there is nothing worse than being terrified by a pace that is too fast or frustrated by one that is too slow. In general, you will be expected to be able to ride confidently in a canter or gallop. There are a few places which offer safe riding for the nervous or beginners on lion-free private reserves, providing quiet horses and ponies. When it comes to riding safaris in Africa, the expression “horses for courses” is particularly apt.

For the very experienced there are also some riding safaris that offer enough adrenaline to satisfy the very brave. If you are experienced in eventing or hunting, with the inherent ‘stickability’ required there is nothing more exciting. The majority of riding safaris in Africa, however, require only a reasonable level of riding ability and the different requirements of a group can be accommodated by the careful selection of horse partnerships.

Another factor to consider is the accommodation. Some riding safaris are based in a comfortable camp/lodge which also provide activities for non-riders. Others will include several nights under canvas meaning that rides become expeditions which really take you off the beaten track. These mobile camps still offer a high level of comfort but are more basic than the permanent ones.

The challenge is working out which is the best option for you. It is easy to look online at all sorts of operations and destinations and they will sound wonderful. But you may have no point of comparison. This is where an experienced safari agent is a huge benefit. It costs no more than booking direct and you benefit from years of knowledge and personal experience of different operators to give you unbiased advice.

At Bushbuck Safaris we understand about horses, levels of riding ability, and appreciate great riding country and expert guides. Whether travelling with a group of friends, as a family or as a single person, we will be able to advise you on the best operators to meet your expectations. We can also help you build an itinerary around your riding safari to ensure you make the most of your time in Africa. There is nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain.

This article has been read 1155 times

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