There is a saying about only the very wise knowing what they do not know. Few people ever return from a safari having not enjoyed their trip. Being in Africa, viewing wildlife, seeing the bush; it’s all exhilarating and exciting even when not done particularly well. Those who stay in huge lodges with mediocre guides still love it. That is part of the problem.

Having had a lovely time, they pass on their recommendation to friends and family. Yet, if they have experienced a second-rate safari, but have enjoyed it, how can they possibly know what they are missing?

This is where a good safari agent comes in. They can distinguish the truly wonderful from the good enough. They can ensure that the money spent delivers the best safari experience possible. No one individual is likely to have the range of experience of camps, safaris and operators that a well-travelled specialist agent has.

By visiting camps regularly, finding out what has and hasn’t changed, by exploring new destinations and visiting new camps, a good safari agent will be able to help clients to experience the best that is available in any season.

That does not mean the most expensive. If cost were a measure of safari quality then the job would be a simple one. In fact, it depends on your appetite for adventure, your requirements (wifi, hairdryers!) and interests but within each price range and each level of luxury a good agent will know precisely which is likely to deliver the best holiday for each client.