Beach Holidays

Although safaris uplift the soul and refresh the spirits, they are, by their very nature, fairly active. So, many of our clients opt for a few days on the beach at the beginning or end of a safari.

Tranquil, magical coastal retreats

Others simply want to experience an utterly relaxing holiday in an unspoiled beach location.

There is nothing more tranquil than the sound of the waves lapping on the shore and we have a range of exquisite small hotels and lodges in a variety of locations which will translate any dreams of a magical coastal retreat into a stunning reality.

What type of safari is it?

Obviously, a beach holiday is a very different type of safari. Nonetheless, we use the same principles when developing an itinerary for this sort of trip.

We recommend locations and accommodation which offer that extra something. Our hand-picked suggestions include everything from a private island to stylish lodges built from driftwood; from high end luxury to more modestly-priced hotels. They all provide exceptional standards of comfort, fabulous food and attentive personal service.

It is not just about lying on a beach, however, and we work with clients to establish exactly what they want from their beach holiday, and ensure that these needs are met. Whether it is water sports or wildlife, local culture or complete privacy, dramatic coastlines or palm-fronded white beaches, we are able to match our clients with one or several perfect retreats.