Mobile Tented

Several of our private guides offer the traditional style of safari: the mobile tented safari.

What is a mobile tented safari?

The safari is exclusive to your party and led throughout by an expert private guide, his mobile tented camp with a full team of camp staff. The camp remains in one place for 3 or 4 days and then moves ahead of your private party to a new location, combining visits to varied areas with locations chosen for wildlife, views and exclusivity. The concept of the mobile tented safari allows you to make a journey in the true sense of the word ‘safari’.

How comfortable is a mobile camp?

The camp is fully equipped with spacious tents and comfortable beds, crisp linen, showers and toilets. The hub of the mobile camp is a dining tent where meals are served using fresh produce of a remarkably high standard, all cooked over an open fire. There are all creature comforts and a high degree of personal service. The greatest luxury is the remoteness of the pristine wilderness.

Who is suited to a mobile tented safari?

The atmosphere of the tented camp is authentic. From the glow of the lanterns, dinner under the stars, stories around the camp fire, sounds of the Africa night to the melody of the dawn chorus, this is the most exciting way to do a safari. Nothing brings you closer to nature than a mobile tented safari, and so it suits those with a spirit of adventure.

This style of safari works particularly well for a group of friends or a family group, including several generations. To have your own private guide with a camp exclusive to your private party, accessing remote wildlife areas, is the ultimate old-fashioned Hemingway-style safari.

Where can we do a mobile tented safari?

The concept of the mobile tented safari was born in Kenya many years ago, but nowadays our private guides in Tanzania and southern Africa also offer this style of safari.