The Skeleton Coast

It is truly awe inspiring to see the vast, arid, dramatic landscapes of Namibia.  Flying over the desolate coastline of the Skeleton coast with its spectacularly beautiful shipwrecks, seeing mile upon mile of sculpted sand dunes and exploring far into a desert landscape which is untouched by man and unreachable by road; it is one of the most hauntingly magical safaris on earth.

What type of safari is it?

We recommend staying in one of 3 exquisite and quirky small luxury lodges in the region, flying in and out from Windhoek or Swakopmund. Alternatively, several of our private guides operate in the area. One family has been operating privately guided/piloted fly-in safaris to the Skeleton Coast for over 40 years. Another private guide, who is a real adventurer, offers 4×4 camping/lodge-based safaris into the region.

Travelling in such an unchartered area provides the ultimate in safari experiences. It is about as off-grid and remote as it gets. Memories of the Namibian desert stay with people for a lifetime; it is as inspiring as it is unforgettable.