Trekking Safaris

Trekking differs from a walking safari because when you are on a trek, you are following a route from day to day, with a beginning and end point many miles apart. In contrast most walking safaris involve more circular routes, sometimes even returning to the same camp at the end of each day. East Africa lends itself perfectly to trekking with interesting topography, fascinating culture and abundant wildlife.

Who is suited to a trekking safari?

A certain level of fitness is required because of the distances covered, but in a private guided group the pace will be determined, as much as possible, to suit those taking part.  A trek is a fabulous way to truly explore, with the added sense of achievement when you reach your goal. It suits the adventurer and fits well within a wider safari itinerary.

What type of safari is it?

An example is a unique trek, operated by one of our top private guides in Tanzania, from Lake Natron to the Serengeti, taking in the migration. For active types, this is one of the most dramatic hikes in East Africa. As well as the amazing scenery there is also the chance to witness the changing lives of the Maasai in both Ngorongoro and Natron. Throughout the trek, there is an excellent variety of habitat, massive volcanoes, Maasai culture, Lake Natron and the legendary wildlife of the Serengeti.