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Jackson Looseyia

Jackson has been recognised as one of the top ten guides of the world. He has presented numerous wildlife documentaries including Big Cat Diary and also pioneers responsible tourism in the Mara.

Jackson deserves mention here, the story of his life is fascinating.

Born in 1967 in the heart of the Masai Mara, Jackson grew up surrounded by wildlife and from an early age found it a source of inspiration. Tracking wild animals is in his blood – he comes from a long line of master hunters and trackers.

Jackson’s father was a particularly famous hunter who clashed with the park authorities and actually ended up being imprisoned for eight years. On his release he became the archetypal poacher turned gamekeeper and was appointed head ranger in the southern Mara. It was at this time that Jackson was trained in the ways of the wild – his father took him into the heart of the bush for six months solid training.

During this time he was shown how to track dangerous animals such as lion and buffalo. The trip had dramatic consequences as during the adventure, Jackson’s father was attacked by a buffalo and had his right hand broken. This was when responsibility for the family was handed to Jackson.

The young man quickly rose to become one of the first and finest Masai guides in the Mara with an intimate knowledge of all the wildlife of the reserve from the smallest insect to the largest predators, but the big cats are his particular favourites. It wasn’t long before he was ‘discovered’ by the ‘Big Cat Live’ BBC team and was invited to join them as a new presenter.

Jackson believes strongly in passing on knowledge to others. In his wildest dreams he could not have foreseen himself broadcasting on live television around the world, spreading his knowledge of the Mara to millions of people and more recently attending Tusk’s 25th anniversary dinner in the company of Prince William.

‘Jackson Looseyia is a star simply because he doesn’t try to be one. Being himself – knowledgeable, warm and movingly articulate – is more than enough’, Michael Parkinson

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