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Peter Lindstrom

Peter Lindstrom occasionally leads our guests on safari in Tanzania. Peter has a wry sense of humour and gentle disposition and a safari in his company is a rare and fascinating insight, opening up the finer treasures of his home country.

Peter’s brother Soren also leads private guided safaris across Africa for Bushbuck and has done so for 30 years. Sometimes, for larger parties, both brothers come together from opposite sides of Africa to jointly lead a safari – this has proved hugely popular and the depth of knowledge which the brothers bring to a safari is unique, and it is always a lot of fun for everyone involved as well.

Peter was born in Kenya of Danish parents and brought up on a coffee farm in the highlands. He worked in remote areas in East Africa and Sudan in the hospitality industry before settling in Tanzania and starting Hoopoe Safaris of Arusha back in 1988.

Peter put Hoopoe on a pioneering path of community engaged tourism establishing small tented camps and lodges outside National Parks, training and employing local people and sharing revenue with the community. In 2004 this led to a Conde Nast Traveler award for best ecotourism company in the world, an incredible accolade for a small company in Arusha, and testament to Peter’s dedicated work over the years.

Hoopoe Safaris has a team of excellent guides who also lead our guests on safari.   Peter teaches the guides himself, organising training conferences several times a year, assisted by chosen local researchers. Peter is on an advisory council for a new college that trains students to enter into the hospitality industry.

In his spare time Peter is an ardent conservationist actively involved in creating awareness on the threats of poaching and writes articles on the challenges facing conservation.

Back home on the slopes of Mt Meru, Peter has established a village tree seedling  nursery that has supplied over half a million tree seedlings to the surrounding local farmers in the past decade in an effort to stem deforestation and provide fuel wood for villages and income on a sustainable basis. Peter greatly enjoy being ‘in the bush’, keeping fit and adding to his list of half marathons he has run. Peter is known locally as ‘Mzee’  which is affectionate Swahili for wise old man.

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