The Brief

I would like to go on a big game riding safari but I am a novice rider.”

Our Advice

We rarely, if ever, like to say no to our clients. In fact, we move heaven and earth to turn their dreams into reality. However, there are times when we have to advise against something. We take client safety seriously and, as an experienced horsewoman herself, Boo understands the demands of a riding safari. A big game riding safari is not suitable for a novice rider. Many hours of fast riding are punishing even for the most experienced, and where there are predators it is simply not safe for the novice. However, there are other options. For example, riding safaris in areas where there are no predators, buffalo or elephants where less confident or experienced riders can enjoy a more manageable pace. Yet, there are opportunities to ride alongside zebra, antelope and giraffe in these private reserves. It is even possible in certain places to actually learn to ride.

The Safari

We designed an itinerary in South Africa because during discussions it emerged that seven days of riding would be too much but that this client was also interested in spending some time on the coast, visiting foodie paradise and the cultural city of Cape Town. So, we arranged for five days in a delightful camp where it was possible, among other activities, to ride well-schooled horses in a safe private and beautiful reserve with zebra and giraffe roaming freely around. From there the client went to a boutique lodge an hour from Cape Town to enjoy sumptuous wine and food, finishing off in Cape Town’s cosmopolitan centre for a few days. Through listening and discussion, we were able to design the perfect trip.