The Brief

A group of six friends asked us to design a safari itinerary which would give them excellent photographic opportunities of gorillas in their natural habitat. They had a particular passion for wildlife but also wanted to enjoy some quiet time together in a secluded location.

Our Advice

When it comes to a group of friends, a safari is an ideal holiday. First of all, however, we have to establish the interests, level of accommodation and appetite for adventure of each member of the group. With our vast range of contacts, accommodation and private guides we are able to develop a safari which delivers for everyone. In this instance, the group shared an interest in gorillas and photography but had different levels of fitness.

The Safari

We developed an itinerary based in Rwanda, the home of the mountain gorillas and were able to arrange for porters and stretchers to carry the two least fit members of the group through the jungle. Seeing gorillas in the mist was the highlight of the trip but Rwanda has much more to offer – game viewing in Akagera National Park and viewing the wild chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest – Africa’s largest mountain rainforest.