The Brief

We were asked by a UK landscape photographer to create a safari in Namibia; an inspiring destination for anyone but particularly exciting for those with an interest in photography. He wanted to see as much of the country as possible with access to rarely visited areas and to have the freedom to work at different times of the day when the light conditions were at their best.

Our Advice

Having discussed the client’s brief in detail and worked out a budget we advised that the three key areas for landscape photography in Namibia are the salt, clay pans and high red dunes of Sossusvlei, the hauntingly beautiful Skeleton Coast and the entrancing sand and rock landscape of the Hartmann Valley. The remote Hartmann Valley is not often included in a visit to Namibia but is a rare opportunity to visit a truly uncharted area.

Through a conventional safari, Sossusvlei would only be accessible at certain times of the day but with our knowledge and contacts we would be able to give our client greater access. We also advised that aerial photography could be included and would offer a dramatically different perspective.

The Safari

We combined the three locations, starting at Sossusvlei. Based at an owner-operated lodge, we arranged for a private guide to take our client off the beaten track, to a range of locations from which he could photograph the famous dune scenery. He was able to enter the reserve at any time of the day to meet his requirement for making use of the best light conditions.

From there, he travelled to the Skeleton Coast and his stay there included some flying over the mesmerising Atlantic coast and the many miles of dunes right up to Angola. The final part of the safari was a private guided safari to the Hartmann Valley. The camp here was private and mobile, allowing for flexibility of photography at any time of day and the option to move camp as required.