Quite simply, private guided safaris are unrivalled when it comes to family and multi-generational holidays.

Away from modern-day distractions, with plenty to do and lots to talk about, this is the ultimate way to spend quality time with your family.

Yet, creating a carefully developed itinerary and moving numbers of people around can be compared to mobilising a small army. Thankfully, the private guided safari means that all the entertainment and organisational elements are taken care of so you are free to relish the experience from start to finish.

The private guide will inspire and motivate or provide the opportunity for a bit of peace and quiet in a variety of outstanding locations. The choice of timetable and itinerary are completely up to you.

In this busy world, sharing a multi-generational safari can provide a unique opportunity to spend time with family.

While children are enthralled by the enthusiasm of the guide and the shared experience of adventure, they often engage with their extended family in a completely different way.

Activities can be tailored to ensure the whole group is brought together or separate activities can be organised with everyone comparing notes around the camp fire at the end of the day.

We loved spending time with our grandchildren. No phones and no internet. They had a fabulous time with the guide and made friends with all the staff. They talked away for hours about what we had seen and we had such a great time. They wanted to hear all about our previous safaris and what we had seen. They saw us as deeply interesting people! I cannot praise the organisation enough. Everything was perfect and we would not have changed a thing.”