A safari without limits

The private guided safari is not the preserve of the large group; it can also be an ideal way for discerning individuals and couples to experience a unique African adventure.

Although sharing the cost of a private guided safari between fewer people does make this a high-cost option, it is an unrivalled personal experience. We have many years’ experience developing private guided itineraries for solo travellers or couples. The same benefits apply but this truly bespoke journey with a private guide enables you to tailor a safari to very specific requirements. There are no limits in terms of location, activity or duration.

“I had always wanted to be alone in the bush. Just me and a guide, spending time absorbing the wilderness, seeing what I wanted to see, stopping when I wanted to stop, building on my knowledge and learning about new things. My trip to Kenya delivered this in spades. I had the most fantastic time with a really interesting guide who shared his knowledge with me and answered my endless questions. I felt like a real explorer from a bygone age and loved every single second if it. Thank you!