A private guided safari is led throughout by your own experienced guide

Accommodation ranges from high end sophistication in stylish lodges to mobile tented camps in remote, uncharted areas, or a combination of these. It is exclusive to your party and led by your own experienced guide and when there is a mobile camp his full team of camp staff travel with you.

Private guides have no boundaries and the safari can extend to several different locations or countries.

The usual length of a private guided safari is 4 – 14 days. Bushbuck has been specialising in private guided safaris since 1984 and we have more experience than anyone in matching guides and their safaris to clients’ expectations. Our recommendations are unbiased and our reputation is built on trust.

Everything is included

At Bushbuck we think of everything. With our years of experience in private guided safaris, we ensure that nothing is forgotten or left to chance.

From flights and transfers to your choice of sundowners. From specific food requirements and mobility issues to allergies and medical requirements. From your passion for a particular species or your preference for activities.

Your needs and preferences will be known and remembered. You only need to tell us once.

What is a Private Guided Safari?

No hidden costs

Once your itinerary has been agreed, everything included in it will be provided. There are no hidden costs. The only extra you may wish to consider is tipping camp/lodge staff but, while we will guide you on the appropriate amounts, these are at your discretion.

What is a Private Guided Safari?

Standard of food

You can expect every meal to be of the highest quality. Home-made bread and afternoon tea cakes, delicious and freshly-prepared al fresco lunches, expertly cooked three course dinners; when you are in camp these will all be prepared by the highly-trained staff. Wherever you are, whether it is a remote fly camp in uncharted territory or a stunning luxury lodge, you can expect the very best quality.

What is a Private Guided Safari?

Standard of accommodation

Whether it is a luxury lodge or a fly camp in the wilderness, you will be very comfortable with a private bathroom. Our private guides use select camps and lodges or provide their own comfortably equipped mobile camps; all are chosen for their locations, style and facilities.

What is a Private Guided Safari?


All activities are well run and follow ethical principles. We only use operators who adhere to the most rigorous safety standards, and we do not we participate in any activities which damage the environment or harm animals.

Ethical tourism

All our private guides have a proven track record in supporting conservation and communities. Many run specific projects which benefit wildlife and the local population.

Included in your safari price are community and conservation levies and so a proportion of the cost of your private guided safari will go directly towards supporting these projects.

What is the cost of a
Private Guided Safari?

There are so many variables it is impossible to provide a price. But it need cost no more than a similar off-the-shelf safari and we always work to a given budget.

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