A typical day on Safari

Each day on Safari is an opportunity to experience the extraordinary and create memories that last a lifetime. Our timeline below is designed to give you just a small flavour of just some of the amazing parts of a typical day on Safari.

Wake up

Wake up early to the dawn chorus


Have a light breakfast in camp as the sun rises

Morning Gamedrive

Follow your breakfast with a gamedrive or walk


Return to camp for a spot of brunch, chat with your guide about your morning so far


Spend the afternoon relaxing, enjoy tea, have a read or a snooze.


Head out for an afternoon gamedrive or walk with your guide


Stop at a great location for sundowners, returning to camp on a night drive

Camp fire

Enjoy a hot shower followed by drinks around the camp fire


End the day with a three-course dinner with a selection of fine wines


Retire to your comfortable bed to listen to the sounds of the African night

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