Chyulu Hills/Amboseli

Ol Donyo Wuas (the best lodge in the region) in Masai means ‘The Spotted Hills’ and is the name given by the Masai to the Chyulu range between Tsavo & Amboseli National Parks. The area, which is part of the Amboseli ecosystem, includes the Chyulu Hills, a vast area of grass plains dotted with small hills and the snow-capped peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania usually visible in the distance.

What makes the Chylulu Hills so extraordinary?

Exclusivity and a personalised experience

The real exclusivity of Ol Donyo is apparent when out exploring the land. The area does not have masses of other tourists, or fleets of mini- buses. It’s private, pure and wild. Each day is different and there is no set routine. The lodge goes by the name of Ol Donyo and from here you can enjoy educational conservation experiences as well as game viewing by vehicle, on foot or on horseback.

A vast, untouched wilderness

Explore this vast, untouched wilderness via game drives, bushwalks, bush breakfasts and dinners, night drives, hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, tracking and learn about the region through their fascinating conservation programmes.

Ol Donyo can keep guests entertained for many days, and each will be as magical as the last.

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Kenya has a touch of safari magic which is difficult to replicate anywhere else on the continent. The people are welcoming, the wildlife is exhilarating and the atmosphere electric. With so much to see and do, you could spend weeks getting lost in Kenya’s charming embrace; and many people do, keeping them returning year after year.