A fantastic, off the beaten track destination

In the days of Portuguese colonial rule, Gorongosa (a huge central wildlife region) was thought to be one of the very best wildlife parks in Africa. However, with civil war centralised in this region, the wildlife suffered a huge amount. The only wildlife area which did not suffer to such an extent was Niassa Game Reserve in the north and today it is up and coming as a fantastic, off the beaten track safari destination.

What makes the Niassa Game Reserve so extraordinary?

Truly off the beaten track

Niassa is a huge 42,000 km square park and has the same ecosystem as the Selous Game Reserve across the border in Tanzania. The wildlife is here is good although it is not a place to tick off the big five because the animals are not so used to seeing vehicles and can be fairly skittish. You can find some of the parks 200 wild dog, elephant, wildebeest, kudu, thousands of buffalo, lion, leopard and spotted hyena if you are lucky. It is not a place to go to tick off animals from a list though, but is for those travellers who seek unspoilt vast wilderness and a wholly uncommercial safari experience.

Explore Mozambique

Mozambique has a never-ending eastern coastline and along this sit a number of archipelagos which epitomise the Indian Ocean ideal of white sand beaches and glistening turquoise seas. The safari scene is not yet developed, but a beach stay here can be an excellent extension from a safari from neighbouring countries; South Africa and Tanzania in particular.  There is no doubt Mozambique has some of Africa’s finest beaches. It is a truly stunning destination.