Wild and desolate

Sossusvlei is a world apart and a truly inspiring place to be. The bold red sand dunes are what characterise this widely photographed and much-loved patch of Africa. From above, Sossusvlei is an undulating silky ribbon of waves, and from below the dunes tower boldly into the skyline casting perfect shadows onto themselves, as if boasting their sturdy magnificence. Sossusvlei is the ultimate destination for landscape lovers and photographers and is a must-see on any Namibia itinerary.

What makes the Sossusvlei Dunes so extraordinary?

Awe-inspiring photographical landscapes

Known as the ‘Sand Sea,’ Sossusvlei is sandwiched between the Atlantic’s cold Benguela Current and a rocky mountain escarpment that runs parallel more than 100 kilometres (62 miles) inland. It is a photographer’s dream.

Rich sunsets, the finest nights skies on the continent and some of the world’s most dramatic sand dune scenery will make any photograph beautiful and every day spent memorable. Visitors never get tired of goggling at the scenery here and could be kept busy for days getting lost in this vast land of photographic opportunity.

Exploration for everyone

However you like to explore, it will be possible in Sossusvlei. Hiking is particularly good here and the view from the top of a Sossusvlei dune is quite breath-taking. If you are inspired by a bird’s eye view of the ocean of sand, take a hot-air balloon ride and see how far the dunes stretch from above. Or embark on a game drive in the dunes area looking for springbok and the various smaller animals which call Sossusvlei home. One thing is certain; Sossusvlei will leave you in awe.

Explore Namibia

Namibia certainly does not do anything in halves. The skies are starrier, animals’ stranger and the landscapes more dramatic than anywhere else in Africa. An arid and never-ending land of sand dune horizons, pink sunsets and desert adapted animals sets Namibia apart as a one of a kind African adventure destination and certainly not the safari “norm”.