A slice of heaven

Bird island is a most extraordinary place to visit. The moment you touch down here, so the pace of life stops and the natural simplicity of the island takes over. The scene is classic Robinson Crusoe: white sands, swaying palms and warm turquoise Indian Ocean seas. The difference is that this island belongs to the birds: beautiful tropical birds that are so isolated that they know no fear of man; they are truly extraordinary to witness at such close quarters.

What makes Bird Island so extraordinary?

The unbelievable birds

Throughout the year at least 20 different bird species can be seen, including resident seabirds and land birds, as well as non-breeding migrants. Bird Island can claim the highest number of first-time records for any single island of the Seychelles. With 97 birds recorded, Bird Island is very close to being the first island to record 100 non-breeding migratory birds.  In 1998 Sir David Attenborough and his film team stayed at the lodge to make two episodes of his BBC nature documentary, ‘Life of Birds’. Episode 8 ‘The Demands of the Egg’ explored the lengths to which birds would go to ensure that their chicks are brought into the world. Attenborough began the 50-minute programme on Bird Island with the sooty terns, which had landed to lay their eggs having spent their lives on the wing. Further footage was shown during episode 9, ‘The Problems of Parenthood’, when the sooty terns proved that there is safety in numbers from predators.

Bird Island Lodge

The lodge is the only place to stay on the island, the staff are the only inhabitants. There are no telephones or televisions, just the lively chatter of the wonderful birdlife and the fascinating turtles to monitor.

There is no need for air-conditioning: the excellent natural ventilation and ceiling fans ensure the rooms are always kept cool. Nor is there need for a swimming pool: the beach has safe swimming at all times. The friendly staff are always attentive and ready with a smile but completely non-intrusive.

Bird Island Lodge offers a unique blend of hospitality, relaxation and simplicity in an unpretentious and natural environment.

Explore Seychelles

Seychelles: the name is synonymous with the world’s most beautiful islands, each located in the perfect azure of the Indian Ocean. These islands possess unrivalled beauty and live up to the country’s slogan ‘Seychelles – as pure as it gets’. Each of the 115 islands has its own unique identity and special character. Few places in the world can compare to the Seychelles as a beach destination.