A mosaic of untouched nature and beach paradises

The Outer Islands Archipelago is a mosaic of untouched nature and beach paradises. Both fascinating to explore inland, and bursting with life below the surface; whichever island you choose, the Outer Islands Archipelago is a sprawling treasure chest of idyllic Indian Ocean perfection. With five main islands; Poivre Atoll, Desroches Island, Alphonse Island, Cosmoledo Atoll and Astove Atoll; visitors and beach seekers are spoilt for choice.

What makes the Outer Islands so extraordinary?

Marine mammals, fish, turtles and tortoise

Under the water lies a whole other world of life; bigger mammals such as spinner and bottlenose dolphins, pilot, melon head and humpback whales, and even the elusive Dugong have all been spotted across the shores of the Outer Islands Archipelago. The diving is truly special with vibrant coral reefs and more than 1,000 species of fish have been recorded here. The Outer Islands are also home to the greatest natural population of the oldest creature on earth: Giant Tortoises. Live the Attenborough experience whilst watching the nesting turtles scuttle across the beaches in a leap of faith like no other. All in all, the Outer Islands are fantastic for beach and wildlife lovers alike.

Beautiful beaches

There is no denying that the Seychelles ticks all the boxes for a beach holiday. Moreover, it encapsulates every desirable characteristic for beach-goers, which other beach destinations around the world can only dream of. The sands are bright white, the water transparent and turquoise, whilst the islands themselves offer a true castaway experience. Nowhere else in the world can you feel totally isolated, while enjoying such characterful luxury.

Explore Seychelles

Seychelles: the name is synonymous with the world’s most beautiful islands, each located in the perfect azure of the Indian Ocean. These islands possess unrivalled beauty and live up to the country’s slogan ‘Seychelles – as pure as it gets’. Each of the 115 islands has its own unique identity and special character. Few places in the world can compare to the Seychelles as a beach destination.