A beautiful Cape Town extension

A road trip to the winelands is a beautiful Cape Town extension. Time is spent here admiring the mountainous views, enjoying sunsets, excellent wines, divine cuisine, and exploring the beautiful undulating horizons and quaint towns which epitomise this wonderful part of South Africa.

What makes the Winelands so extraordinary?

Quaint towns with exquisite experiences

The two main hubs for a Winelands stay are Stellenbosch and Franschoek; both captivatingly beautiful and full of enticing experiences.

Since the founding of Stellenbosch in 1679, the region’s cool climate and fertile soil combined with the planting of suitable varieties of grapes led to wide knowledge of wine-making, which was started at the Cape by the Dutch settlers. The town is delightful with its old churchyards and well-maintained gabled building along the oak lined streets.  Stellenbosch offers almost every outdoor activity you could desire from world-class sports facilities for rugby, cricket and soccer to popular mountain bike routes and six truly great golf courses.

Cape Dutch Houses

The town is also famous for having the largest number of Cape Dutch houses of anywhere in the region. The most harmonious examples are to be found on Dorp, Church & Drostdy streets. Stellenbosch has many galleries and museums housing important national collections and the Stellenbosch Conservatoire is the country’s oldest music school.

It was in 1694 the first farms were granted to the Huguenots in the Franschoek region, hence the French influence that can still be seen today. Franschoek has become a centre for gourmet dining showcasing award-winning restaurants. The quaint main street is lined with shops and galleries with The Huguenot Memorial and Museum being well worth a visit. Franschoek is regarded as the best fly-fishing area of the western Cape.

Explore South Africa

A country with outstanding wildlife areas, the bright lights of cosmopolitan Cape Town, and the serenity of the nearby winelands, South Africa is perhaps the most diverse destination on the continent. A myriad of adventures awaits in this beautiful, fascinating and action-packed southern Africa country.