A vast area of outstanding beauty

The Serengeti is what safari dreams are made of. Sweeping endless savannah plains dotted with acacia trees, and the rumbling hooves of the Great Wildebeest Migration are the scenes which epitomise this vast area of outstanding beauty. The camps are authentic, the predator action truly explosive and the scenery breathtaking; it is no wonder the Serengeti is so famed, and rightly so.

What makes the Serengeti so extraordinary?

Sweeping east African landscapes

Serengeti in the Maasai language means ‘endless plains’. At 14,763 sq kms, this is Tanzania’s largest National Park and indisputably one of the finest wildlife areas anywhere in Africa. The landscape consists of vast open plains in the southeast, acacia savannah in the central area, wooded rolling hills peppered with kjopes in the north and extensive woodland, black clay plains and mountain ranges in the western corridor. It is diverse and immense; an area the size of Switzerland brimming with wildlife.

The Great Wildebeest Migration

The Serengeti is home to two million wildebeest and grazers, and sees their migration around the park in search of fresh pastures. Contrary to popular belief, these herds can be seen here year-round. Some times are better than others; namely, when they are leaping into the Mara River in the north of the park, and as they congregate in the southern Ndutu plains for calving season. Witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration and its enormity is a truly breathtaking experience and one which will linger on in the memories of travellers for years to come.

Outstanding action-packed game drives

World-famous for its annual migration of its vast 2 million strong wildebeest herds, the Serengeti is also renowned for its wealth of leopard and lion. The vast reaches of the park are a hiding place for the endangered black rhino and provide a protected breeding ground for the vulnerable cheetah, alongside the Serengeti’s thousands of other diverse species, which include 500 bird species and 100 different types of dung beetle. The scene of countless animals spread over the plains extending to the horizon dotted with the occasional flat-topped acacia is unforgettable, and the sheer volume of numbers is hard to find elsewhere on the continent. It is on the plains of the Serengeti that you are most likely to witness a kill. By the very nature of the plains the visibility is excellent for game viewing.

Explore Tanzania

Tanzania is home to some of the best wildlife viewing areas on the continent. With the Great Wildebeest Migration and the greatest predator concentrations on the planet in the Serengeti National Park, to the serene, authentic southern parks and the wild primitive west; Tanzania is truly a phenomenal destination.