A diverse and special park

Queen Elizabeth National Park’s diversity spreads across grassy savannah, to dreamy wetlands, glistening lakes and dense forests. It is a fantastic safari destination to experience many different landscapes, and the roaming mammals which reside here. With the jagged horizon backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains, visitors are constantly reminded of how special this park is.

What makes Queen Elizabeth National Park so extraordinary?

Epitomises the pearl of Africa

The landscapes here are entrancing and the different ecosystems effortlessly blend and swirl into one another to create a harmonious African landscape like no other. Craters are perfectly sculpted into undulating hills, and lakes reflect the towering forests above creating an image of serenity and true wilderness. The lakes which are scattered across the park provide beautiful boating opportunities, and on a game drive there is certainly lots to see.

Fantastic wildlife

Home to 618 varieties of bird, Queen Elizabeth National Park proudly holds the 6th highest diversity in the world, and the best in Africa. Mammals such as hippo, buffalo, elephant and lion can be seen here, and are some of the 95 species found in the park. Uniquely, the park is also home to 10 primate species including chimpanzee, baboons, vervet and colobus monkeys.

Explore Uganda

Known as the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is captivatingly beautiful. With so many ways to explore via canoe, on foot or by vehicle, Uganda is an adventurers paradise. Home to the sought after mountain gorillas, an up and coming safari scene and boisterous chimpanzees; this country is exciting, spirited and full of unforgettable experiences.