A scenic wilderness

The Lower Zambezi National Park, by virtue of the Zambezi River and its parallel escarpment, is one of Africa’s most scenic wildernesses. Home to an impressive quantity and variety of wildlife, this beautiful park can be viewed not only on land, but also by boat from the glistening waters of the mighty Zambezi river. The combination of fantastic wildlife, intimate lodges and thrilling activities makes it a spectacular safari destination.

What makes the Lower Zambezi extraordinary?

Luscious vegetation and green landscapes

The National Park is unspoilt with stunning scenery and varied wildlife. Here the riverine landscape and vegetation are very distinctive and quite different from other parks in the subcontinent. Perhaps it is the richness of the soils which allows the trees to grow so tall and strong, forming woodlands with carpets of grasses, and only limited thickets of shrubs to obscure the viewing of game. The acacia species include some superb specimens of winter thorn and the flat-topped umbrella thorn – both of these produce seedpods which the wildlife devour. All this results in a beautiful, lush landscape that can support a lot of game, and is excellent for the ease of viewing which it allows. The river is the focal point for the abundant riverine flora and fauna.

Superb wildlife

The river provides a massive wildlife sanctuary and attracts a terrific amount of the bigger game including elephant and buffalo which cross the river to and from Mana Pools in Zimbabwe regularly. The antelope in the valley are dominated by large herds of impala and good populations of kudu, eland, waterbuck, bushbuck, zebra, wildebeest and the odd duiker or grysbok can also be seen.

Giraffe are notable for their absence. In fact, there is no record of them ever having lived here. In the water crocodile and hippo are always present, but look also for the large water monitor lizard and the Cape clawless otter, which are both there but the latter is seldom seen. Lion and leopard can, however, be seen, as well as unusual species such as the honey badger, porcupine and wild dog. There are around 500 species of birds – the birdlife here is spectacular.

Varied safari experiences

Aside from its beauty and simply being in such a pristine wilderness, visitors can enjoy a range of exciting activities which is why the Lower Zambezi is such a staggeringly good safari option for families and honeymooners alike. Boating is a must, and for the more intrepid then canoeing is a lovely way to spend a morning. The Lower Zambezi also has some of the very best tiger fishing in the world. On land, day and night drives are fantastic, as well as excellent walking safaris. The Lower Zambezi is one of the only parks on the continent you could spend 5 nights in one camp and do something different every day.

Explore Zambia

Zambia is raw and authentic no-fuss Africa like nowhere else. The parks are bushy, wild and exciting, whilst the rivers winding and mighty. The camps are charming without superfluous luxury and have a real atmosphere to them; combine this with staggeringly good wildlife, the continents finest guiding and you get one of the very best safari countries on offer.