Wild and desolate

The South Luangwa National Park is the envy of many on the continent; covering an area of 9050sqkms in the north east of the country it is renowned for its unspoilt beauty and varied habitats. The wildlife is truly phenomenal with particularly good leopard, not to mention the huge pods of hippos in their hundreds which wallow all along the Luangwa river. The sundowners here are magical, and are often enjoyed with the unique backdrop of a red sun ricocheting off the winding Luangwa River.

What makes the South Luangwa National Park extraordinary?

Watery and varied landscapes

The meandering Luangwa River with its many ox-bow lagoons and shady ebony groves forms the eastern boundary of the park, whilst the western horizon is dominated by the spectacular Mchinga escarpment, rising steeply from the valley floor. It is not uncommon in the depths of dry season to find huge herds of buffalo, antelope, elephant and predators alike congregating at the banks of the Luangwa River, resulting in satisfying and exciting game viewing.

Rewarding wildlife opportunities

The Luangwa Valley boasts some of the most rewarding game viewing in southern Africa – 60 mammal species – and a great place to see leopard, as well as the unique Thornicroft’s giraffe and Cookson’s wildebeest. There are big herds of elephant, with hundreds marching down to the river, seeking water and shade under the tallest trees of Ebony, Acacia, Mahogany and Tamarind. Also, huge herds of buffalo and in the rivers and ox-bow lagoons, possibly the highest concentrations of hippos and crocodiles in Africa. There are numerous prides of lion, and many other animal species such as zebra, warthog, monkeys, baboons and a number of antelope species. If you are lucky, you will see wild dog.

Beautiful birding

Also, the floodplains and riverbanks teem with water birds: herons, storks, egrets, fish eagles, kingfishers to name a few and it is possible to see Pels Fishing Owl, Western Banded Snake Eagle, Lilians Lovebirds and from mid-August the Luangwa River banks house extensive carmine bee-eater colonies. More than 400 bird species have been recorded in the Luangwa Valley. A real highlight of a South Luangwa safari is seeing the colourful carmine bee-eaters which nest on the banks of the river; a truly beautiful and special sight.

Explore Zambia

Zambia is raw and authentic no-fuss Africa like nowhere else. The parks are bushy, wild and exciting, whilst the rivers winding and mighty. The camps are charming without superfluous luxury and have a real atmosphere to them; combine this with staggeringly good wildlife, the continents finest guiding and you get one of the very best safari countries on offer.