An exceptional beach destination

Zanzibar Island has a vast array of wonderful, intimate hotels to suit all budgets and tastes. The beaches on the east coast of the island are especially idyllic, and there is so much to do here aside from soaking in the rays. From exploring Stone Town to diving and fishing, Zanzibar is an exceptional beach destination and has so much to offer.

What makes Zanzibar Island so extraordinary?

Intimate, boutique hotels

Because there is a plethora of hotels on Zanzibar, it can seem daunting. However, we have scouted out the very best characterful boutique options on the island. You can enjoy private pools, private villas and a personal butler at the top end of the market, and the best value options are charming, rustic yet with an undeniable splash of Zanzibar luxury. There is an option for everyone on the island.

Stone Town

A bustling, chaotic whirlwind of a town is Zanzibar’s capital: Stone Town. Stone Town is tiny, and you can stroll around for a day or two taking in local Swahili life in this Arabic infused characterful fishing town. The cobbled streets seep with history and there are a few tremendous options for a candlelit rooftop dinner as the chimes of Stone Town life echo all around. It is not hard to imagine Freddie Mercury growing up here in a mishmash of chaos, colourful trinkets and bustling life. We would recommend no more than two nights here, as it is not the most peaceful of places but is definitely a must see for either a day trip or a few nights before heading to the beach.

Explore Zanzibar

The Zanzibar Archipelago is a stones throw away from mainland Tanzania and is home to East Africa’s finest beaches and quirky boutique hotels. Zanzibar Island attracts most visitors for its vast array of lovely beaches and its lazy Swahili coastal vibe. Pemba is truly authentic, with only one or two hotels on the island. Mnemba is a private island, and one of the best beach destinations Africa has to offer.