Wild, authentic and exciting

Hwange is a staggeringly huge national park with an impressive array of wildlife and landscapes. From the edge of the Kalahari sands in the south and the mopane woodland forests to the north, there is so much to explore here. Famed for spectacular elephant concentrations and phenomenal dry season predator action, Hwange is about as wild, authentic and exciting as safari gets.

What makes Hwange so extraordinary?

Explosive dry season wildlife

The depths of dry season (October at its height) is the time to be in Hwange for explosive wildlife action. At this time of year, the effect of the shrunken waterholes and the absence of permanent water sources on the desperate wildlife is tangible; not many other parks showcase the harsh reality of survival in the bush as Hwange in October.

The game viewing here in the depths of dry season is not for the faint hearted, but really highlights the resilience of these unbelievable animals. Common sightings include elephant, buffalo, lion, giraffe, wildebeest, impala as well as a good chance to see wild dog, cheetah and leopard. 

The wildlife is explosive here, and this is its main draw card aside from it being very accessible for a quick safari from Victoria Falls.

Explore Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe offers off the beaten track adventure, with some of the very best wildlife viewing in Africa and for an unbeatable price. The parks are never-ending canvases of surprising, lively wilderness, and the way in which Zimbabwe can be explored is second to none with the very best guides on the continent and world-class walking safaris. The mighty and impressive Victoria Falls is a must-see on any Zimbabwe holiday and a real highlight of Southern Africa.