Watery, enchanting and brimming with life

Mana Pools could rival the Okavango Delta for its game viewing, yet it can be enjoyed for half the price. No private concession patchworks; this national park is often overlooked for its famous neighbours and as such is relatively untouched by tourism. Mana Pools is for those who crave the unspoilt wilds of Africa, gripping game drives and hazy Zambezi sundowners. Mana Pools has it all.

What makes Mana Pools so extraordinary?

Beauty in abundance

Mana Pools is set on the Zimbabwe side of the Zambezi; opposite and parallel to the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia. Located in the beating heart of the Zambezi valley, views here are characterised by the jagged horizons, pink sunsets bouncing off the sleepy Zambezi and huge numbers of elephants in beautiful riverine forests. The landscapes are ever-changing and the light here enables stunning photographic opportunities, and unforgettable sundowner scenes.

Biodiversity with varied wildlife

The Zambezi acts as a life source for wildlife from far around Mana Pools, resulting in action packed game drives and easy sightings for elephant, impala, eland, buffalo, hippo, waterbuck, kudu and many more grazers. Such huge concentrations of animals only means one thing: exceptional predator action. The rare wild dog are also abundant in Mana Pools; a prize sighting for any safari enthusiast. The meandering Zambezi attracts a huge variety of birds, from Pel’s fishing owl to fish eagle, heron and scarlet carmine bee-eaters which nest on its banks. In short, Mana Pools is a lively, enticing and fascinating park where the scenery is as captivating as the wildlife which call it home.

World class land and water based activities

The guiding here (along with Zambia) is the best on the continent, as the guide courses are difficult, in-depth and result in committed, interested and highly knowledgeable individuals. Great guiding is essential to making the most out of your safari experience. Different perspectives are also important for a well-rounded appreciation of Mana Pools. Boating safaris offer a chance to spot rare aquatic birds, crocodiles or to weave around hippo pods and to witness breathtaking sunsets. A walking safari is a must and allows you to concentrate on the overlooked small intricacies of the bush which are essential to the survival of this complex ecosystem

Explore Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe offers off the beaten track adventure, with some of the very best wildlife viewing in Africa and for an unbeatable price. The parks are never-ending canvases of surprising, lively wilderness, and the way in which Zimbabwe can be explored is second to none with the very best guides on the continent and world-class walking safaris. The mighty and impressive Victoria Falls is a must-see on any Zimbabwe holiday and a real highlight of Southern Africa.